The Trend of Women in Poker

When the “Moneymaker effect” was introduced in the gambling world in the early 2000’s many new entities were brought in the game. The younger players were introduced in the game while the older once were given a place to continue enjoying this game. Gambling was predominately a male affair, and since the stakeholders wanted to maximize the returns, it was found prudent to bring the women to the fold as well. This article looks at the reasons as to why the women are involved in poker;

Women only event

pokerWe have a body that is referred to as the Ladies International Poker series whose role is to get more women to take place in the poker tournaments. The LIP usually organizes, the women-only event to encourage more women to come and take there rightful share in this industry.

Upcoming female players are typically mentored by the experienced players and are advised how to go about as far as poker is concerned. Such events help the women to build the much-needed experience and confidence that is required in this game.

Media exposure

Women are becoming increasingly interested in poker because of the media exposure. Both the mainstream and social media have taken steps to popularize poker especially then women’s poker. Many have seen this as an opportunity to get in the game as it helps them to earn a living. Since women love the attention, the mainstream and social media give them the much-needed notice that they always look forward to.

Online poker

Initially, not many women were interested in poker because they did not have platforms where they could train or be mentored. The online poker platforms have however changed this. Provided that you have a device and internet connection you can get to various websites and learn how to play poker.

The online poker is not only readily available but also comfortable as it can be done from the comfort of your home. The unsavory leers and the unwelcoming advances that are common in the physical poker world are not the cases when it comes to the online poker.

Level playing field

poker The level playing field that has been created in this industry continues attracting players from all walks of life. Sure games like athletics require power, speed, and strength for the players to thrive. This is, however, not the case when it comes to poker. There is, therefore, a level playing ground when it comes to both genders.…